Google Analytics

web traffic analysis

As businesses continue to cut back on spending and monitor their return on investments, web traffic analysis is a must. How many marketing decisions are made based on emotions and experience when data and analysis prove to be more accurate? Any business looking to cut costs and improve conversion rates must be able to analyze their traffic and see how their visitors interact with their website. JW Design can help you answer these questions.

Many businesses believe traffic is the most important metric when it comes to having a successful website. A more important and more valuable metric for all websites is the conversion rate. The conversion rate refers to the ratio of visitors who convert from regular website visitors into customers by completing a goal on the website.

Conversion Rate = Goal Completions / Website Visits

Using Google Analytics, JW Design will assist you in tracking conversion rate by setting up goals that are important to your business; such as contact forms, newsletter registrations, e-commerce purchases, brochure downloads, product tours, etc.

Not only is the measurement of traffic data important, knowing when to contact a lead at the right time is also important. Do you know when the best time to send your email campaign is? Or possibly what region of the country is typing in your website the most? Or if you should give a call to a new lead or just an email? With the help of Google Analytics tracking JW Design can create custom reports that will be a true asset to your business marketing.

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